Racism in British Establishment and ECHR

Friday, March 24, 2006

Secondary and Tertiary victimization of ethnic minorities by British judiciary and European Court of Human Rights

The UN Charter on Fundamental Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights have been made ineffective by the British Establishment with the complicity of the judiciary and the European Court of Human Rights. Ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom are treated like slaves with the deprivation of their Human Rights:
* right to education with fraudulent practices of moving the goal post to avoid award of qualification,
*right to life with Deaths in Custody cases,
* right from torture, degrading treatment and freedom of expression, apparent from department of Constitutional Affairs summary dismissal of a victim of judiciary's violence perpetrated by Immigration adjudicators, Forbes and Verity, without due process. Likewise, victimisation and deprivation of rights by the Church of England's hierarchy and priests, Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury), John Sentamu (Archbishop of York), Richard Chartres (Bishop of London), Christopher Gower (Rector of St Marylebone Parish Church) and their predecessors, Geoge Carey, David Hope (also former bishop of London), John Chater respectively. Byby their failure to allow the performance of one of their primary duties of the Ministry of Reconciliation, they have opted to protect the sexual abuser, church warden, emeka onah. The persecution of the innocent victim for twelve years, culminated in the constructive excommunication of her from the Church she has attended for a quarter of a century prior to the sexual assault.
Like the IRA, the British judiciary and the European Court of Human Rights have shown singular contempt for the Rule of Law and institutional racism by denial of redress to victims who approach them for the enforcement of their rights. The institutional racism in the national ( condemned as a human rights violation in the Council of Europe Commissioner Gil-Robles, Human Rights \commission's Report )and international judiciary, undermines the integrity of the bench and the Rule of Law, but especially paves the way to the slippery slope towards the pogrom, reminiscent of the Jewish Holocaust and other forms of genocide.